An Afternoon Breakthrough

I’ve probably mentioned it before, but I am lucky to have the opportunity to research and write articles on labor market related topics as a part of my job.  

Right now I am fully engaged in researching migration trends in Minnesota.  And no, I’m not talking bird migration here.   Although I did come across a series of fascinating articles about Golden Eagle 42, a bird with a GPS tracking system who migrated from near the Arctic Circle to northern Minnesota earlier this fall.  You can even check out his flight path online!

Rather, I’m interested in how we move to different houses, counties, states, or countries and why.  There could be a lot of answers to why or why not- an economic downturn, a weak housing market, or even the behavioral changes of an aging population.  And just when I wondered how I was going to show this…well, I find some data.  And this short week smashed between two holidays just got a little more productive!

You’ll have to stay tuned in the new year to find out my results!

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